Chase Engel - Lead Vocals


The man behind it all, Chase Engel is a born performer. At the age of 13, Chase began playing shows throughout the mid-west; from Northern Michigan casinos to Nashville dives. Studying guitar under some of the most accomplished instructors, his chops began to compete at vastly superior levels far sooner than the world had bargained for. At 19, he was invited to NYC to record and co-produce his first EP, since returning to develop a show as none have ever seen With his return to Michigan, and his creation of Chase Engel and the Night Shift, Chase has developed a unique stage presence all on his own, stunning the world and bewildering his audience with every turn, twist, and step

Connor Schrems - Lead Guitar


Connor is a showman; picking up guitar at a young age, and shortly thereafter adding keys to his arsenal, he is dedicated to creating a unique entertaining atmosphere wherever he may roam. The "Con-Man's" songwriting skills led him to Chase Engel and the Night Shift, serving as a valuable, unparalleled asset. The addition of Connor takes the live show to the next level. Quintessentially, In true Chase Engel and the Night Shift fashion, he brings a new take to the live show, leaving the audience fascinated with the spontaneous addition to an already one of a kind show. 

Noah Schieber - Rhythm Guitar, Saxophone, & Keys


Just when you thought "The Night Shift" had pulled out all the stops... think again. Adding a new sound to the element and ensemble, Noah Schieber is taking the world by storm. With major skills on the tenor saxophone, guitar, and keys, Noah has brought Chase Engel and the Night Shift to an entirely different level. Batting with classic rock roots, Schieber has dominated, taking over rhythm guitar and keys, while adding an unexpected twist with his skills on the Sax. Surely, a great addition to the Chase Engel and the Night Shift, he is willing and able to push his limits, stepping outside his boundaries intent with putting on a show like none have ever seen before.

Jason King - Bass Guitar


First yielding a bass at age 11, soon adding guitar to the collection, Jason King supplies the "The Night Shift" with killer grooves and a steady rhythm, keeping the audience enticed and the world delightfully intrigued. Studying music theory and its vast depths, Jason knows the ins and outs of his craft.  A Blue-collar tradesman by day, and rock star by night; Jason trades his hard hat and tools for a silver tux and Fender bass. Jason "Jbone" King, forever serves as the catalyst that solidified Chase Engel and the Night Shift's look and sound.

Matt Gottlieb - Drums


Being a multi-instrumentalist with 20+ years experience, Matt Gottlieb defines Chase Engel and the Night Shift. From rock 'n roll to jazz, and marching band's to orchestra's, Matt has studied all the nuances surrounding a myriad of instruments and genres. Complimentary, his experience lends it's self to the grandiose stage show for which Chase Engel and the Night Shift is known; always driving the show to knew heights on both a musical and theatrical level.